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Extracurricular Activities

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Long Valley’s Doyle classroom-based program offers many activities and learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

Sports Offered at Long Valley School

(Available only in Doyle for middle school students)
  • Cheerleading
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cross country

Community Events for Parents and Students

Family Night: This community event brings teachers together with parents and their children to learn, play games and socialize.

Annual Halloween Event: During Halloween, school staff set up a haunted house and guide parents and students on a spooky tour.
Other Activities: Chess club, Art, Music, 3D printing

Field Trips for Extended Learning

Individual classes plan field trips to enrich the curriculum, such as trips to Old Sacramento, history days and museums.
Sheet music on laid on piano keys
A variety of art projects
A basketball about to go into a hoop