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Site Committee/PTSA Meetings

Long Valley School

Portola Resource Center

Thompson Peak Charter 

Long Valley School has an active Site
Council, that meets every second
Friday of the month at 12:00. Meeting
times are tentative, please call the
school office for more information at
(530) 827-2395. Informational items
are discussed and parent input is valued.
The Portola Resource Center has an engaging 
PTSA.  Meetings are held monthly, for more
information please call the school office
at (530) 832- 5507.
Thompson Peak Charter has                       
a dynamic PTSA, all families are
encouraged to attend. Please call
the office for more information
(530) 257-7300. Items discussed
during meeting range from field
trips to school activities. The
meetings are held on the first Monday
of every month at 3:45PM.
Each community has formed a Site Committee which includes parents, students, and staff. Please consider joining us. Your voice and opinion matters!