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Long Valley School offers online education for K - 12 students 

In education, one size does not fit all. Each student is unique and the factory model of learning is not effective. That is especially true at Long Valley School, which is why the concept of Personalized Learning is our hallmark. 

Personalized Learning is different from traditional classroom learning. First, teachers  assess each child to ascertain strengths and weaknesses. Then, the team of teacher, parent and student collaboratively creates a curriculum plan designed to meet each student’s personal needs. Students have many options to choose from in meeting academic goals, and can learn the way they learn best. Students can succeed with a combination of approaches: through textbooks, online materials, in-class lessons or at home.
Long Valley is a charter school, which means it is free to attend, just like public school, and there are no private school fees. However a charter school has much more flexibility over curriculum and individual styles of learning as compared to the traditional education model. 

We have open enrollment, which means you can enroll your child at Long Valley anytime throughout the year. By completing the form on this page, a knowledgeable member of our staff will get in touch to discuss our programs and walk you through the enrollment process.