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Technology Devices/ Internet Access Info

We sincerely believe that opportunities for virtual learning via zoom classes will provide engaging options to printed work for students. As a result, we are seeking to provide laptops or Chromebooks and hot spot loans.  Based on responses to our technology survey, the school will be contacting families identified as needing devices or access.  Those families will be scheduled for device pick-up beginning the week of 4/13/20.  After the first round of distribution, we will announce availability if units remain.  If you are fortunate and have computer and Internet access at home to meet your child’s learning needs, we ask that you please reserve this loan program for those who do not.
Currently, we have laptops and Chromebooks that we are preparing.  Hot spots have been a problem to procure as most companies are estimated to not be able to deliver until late April/ early May.  We are working on a solution, though vendors are absolutely overwhelmed with orders and setup. We've heard reports that many units have been donated to the Department of Education and are to be distributed...we put our schools on that list and continue to wait to learn if any of those will come our way.
Here is a copy of the checkout agreement for loaned technology.  Since we are unable to safely collect signatures at this time, please review this document prior to pickup.
PARKING LOT WIFI:  You can access the school’s guest WIFI network from the parking lot.  Please check with your child’s teacher if you need the password.  Also, please remember to practice responsible social distancing and avoid group gatherings if you choose to use the site’s WIFI.
As we learn about special offers from providers, we will share them!
AT&T offers low cost Internet to qualfied families:
Sprint is offering additional data services:
T-Mobile is offering additional data services: