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Online Learning

Online Learning has arrived at
Long Valley School!
Long Valley Online is open to students in 3rd -12th grades that are residents of Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Modoc and Shasta County.
Following a pilot of online learning in 2017-18, Long Valley School is offering a fully online learning program. Like all Long Valley Charters, the establishment of relationship between the personalized learning teacher and the family is key.  This is combined with rigorous online coursework for motivated students.
A laptop computer with the Long Valley Charter School logo on the screen
Beginning the journey
Students begin their online learning journey at Long Valley School with an online video conference including the personalized learning teacher, parent, and student.  This intake meeting is to assure our online program is a good fit for the student and to begin learning about each other.  Students are then assessed academically to help determine learning goals and identify which of our online learning platforms will best support those goals.  Students are asked to complete some fun questionnaires to help us learn more about their learning preferences and styles; the results are discussed during a collaborative meeting to create the student's individualized learning plan.  
Ongoing progress
Students meet a minimum of once per week in a video conference with their personalized learning teacher.  These meetings are to discuss progress, confirm next assignments, and to provide direct instruction based on student need.  Participation in weekly small group "homeroom" workshops is encouraged offering students opportunities for connection with other students.
High school coursework provides University of California approved coursework for students planning to attend a four year college.  A school to work pathway, with a focus on career preparation is also available.    All students in grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to meet with Long Valley's College and Career Counselor online to develop their life plan.
Serving students at a distance
By utilizing video conferencing, the personalized learning teacher, student, and parent have regular opportunities for meeting at a location of the family's choosing.  The personalized learning teacher is also able, using "whiteboard" and screen sharing tools, provide instruction and support as identified in the student's personalized learning plan.
In addition, students are encouraged to participate in local tutoring opportunities and enroll in college courses at their local community college.  Students in Lassen, Plumas, and Sierra counties may receive tutoring and support at the local resource center; for students located outside of the resource centers, an allocation of $150 per month for local academic tutoring support is permitted.
Some academic assessments may require proctoring.  This is accomplished through screen sharing and video monitoring.  Annually, state-mandated tests are given in person at a scheduled location and time.
We'd love to answer your questions and provide more information.  You can send an email to one of our personalized online learning teachers at or use the button below.