Personalized Learning


Students entering 7th grade must receive a T-DAP vaccination prior to the start of school 8/2017

CHDP Medical Examination

Kindergarten students must receive a CHDP Medical Examination prior to entering 1st grade

Kindergarten Health Screen.pdf

K-12 Personalized Program

A teacher works with the parent and student to develop a "personalized" educational program which is completed at home. We offer tutoring and special classes at each Resource Center.
Teacher with elementary students
The Resource Center is a component of the collaborative learning sanctuary network of Long Valley Charter School. It is a safe and orderly haven where students meet with their teachers on a regularly scheduled basis. There is typically a computer lab with Internet and printer access for schoolwork completion, classrooms for instructional purposes, study and social networking areas. Students may voluntarily choose to attend classes on a schedule established with their family and teacher. 

Blended Personalized Learning

Long Valley Charter School utilizes the blended personalized learning method for what has been traditionally described as Independent Study. The key to success in blended personalized learning is the guidance of an assigned certificated teacher who guides students and parents/guardians through the targeted competencies and assists with the selection of activities to demonstrate mastery. Our approach encourages students to be highly involved in the educational process, thereby becoming self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners.
Following enrollment, the parent or guardian/student/teacher team meets regularly to make assignments, evaluate progress, and utilize assessments to inform ongoing instruction. Parents and teachers are partners in the student learning; teachers provide instructional techniques for home use and support at the resource center; parents provide deeper insight to student needs. The parents serve as co-educators in their children's learning program and will also have the opportunity to play an active role in the governance and policy development of the school. 
We create small communities in our resource centers where experimentation and creativity will flourish and children are known. Students who have difficulty adapting to traditional school settings will find the individualized nature of the blended personalized learning educational approach especially supportive of their unique needs and interests. 

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