Current Board Agenda



Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 9:00 AM


At Long Valley Charter School

436-965 Susan Dr. Doyle, CA 96109




We welcome you to this public meeting.  Members of the public may be heard on any business item on the Board’s Agenda.  A person addressing the Board will be limited to five (5) minutes unless the Chairperson of the Board grants a longer or shorter period of time depending upon the amount of speakers and the size of the agenda.  The Board will only allow comments by members of the public on an item that appears on the Agenda during consideration of the item.  We would appreciate it if you would identify yourself with your name when addressing the Board.


  1. Call to order and roll callTime: PM

                  Ricky Gotcher ☐  Mike Maguire ☐  Larry Morgan ☐  John Gerry ☐  Carla Barclay ☐


  2. Pledge of Allegiance


  3. Approval of the agenda


M          S          Ayes       Noes                 Abstentions      Absent


IV.       Information Items

  1. Brown Act Training
  2. Strategic Planning


V.        Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at                .  The next regular meeting will be held Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 5:45 PM at Long Valley Charter School, 257 Sierra Street, Suite C, Portola, CA 96122.